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Muritai School aims to make a difference in children’s lives by developing together through great teaching, focused learning and caring about each other so 'we can all be the best that we can be'.

The school is in the heart of the village of Eastbourne, a small, seaside community on the edge of Wellington Harbour. Eastbourne has a beautiful environment, nestled between the sea and the bush, and close community atmosphere. Our children are keen to make the most of this special place. 

Muritai was opened in 1897 and has a strong history of success.  It has a proud tradition of being a focal point in the Eastbourne community and has always enjoyed a high level of community support and involvement. As a full primary school we cater for children from New Entrants up to Year 8 and we are extremely proud of the safe, caring, family atmosphere our full primary status provides.

Muritai School is a wonderful school. We would welcome the opportunity to share our philosophy of learning and achievement with you. 

Muritai School  125th 

The new date for this event is Friday 24 March 2023 and

Saturday 25 March 2023

Cyber Safety

Thank you to everyone who joined us to learn about the potential online dangers our children face and how we can better protect them.  

You can view Our Kids Online interactive PDF here.  This interactive PDF contains a recap on the main points covered together with tips and recommendations in relation to solutions

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