Board of Trustees

The Muritai School Board of Trustees are representatives elected by the community as the governing body of the school. The Board is responsible for establishing policy objectives and supporting the efficient and effective running of the school.

The Board is responsible, with the assistance of the parents, for developing the school charter. The School Charter is an important document that specifies what our school is about, what directions it should move in, and provides ideas on how to achieve these goals. The School Charter is reviewed and revised regularly.

The Board of Trustees meets monthly. Dates are advertised in our school newsletters and parents are welcome to attend.


Board Members

Andrew Saunderson (Chairperson), Kaye Sherwin (Deputy Chairperson), Jeremy Buckley, Kurt Renner, Lisa South, Bec Power (Principal), Felicity Lovell (Staff Trustee).

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Board meetings for 2020

Starting at 6:15pm in the Staff Room:

25 February

24 March

19 May

16 June

11 August

8 September

3 November

1 December