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School Board

The Muritai School Board  are representatives elected by the community as the governing body of the school. The Board is responsible for establishing policy objectives and supporting the efficient and effective running of the school.

The Board is responsible, with the assistance of the parents, for developing the school charter. The School Charter is an important document that specifies what our school is about, what directions it should move in, and provides ideas on how to achieve these goals. The School Charter is reviewed and revised regularly.

The Board of Trustees meets monthly - see dates below.

Board Members

Kaye Sherwin (Presiding Member),  Kurt Renner, Lisa South, Matt McCorkindale, Jo Neilson, Stu Devenport (Principal), Felicity Lovell (Staff Trustee).

Chairperson email address:

All members of the community are welcome to attend the Board meetings.  The following procedures apply when a member of the public attends a meeting.  Members of the public include staff, students and parents’ families and whānau of the school community who are not members of the board.


  • Board meetings are not public meetings but meetings held in public

  • If the meeting moves to exclude the public (usually to protect the privacy of individuals), members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting until this aspect of business has been concluded

  • Members of the public may be given copies of the meeting agenda and associated reports

  • Members of the public may request speaking rights on a particular item that is on the agenda. Preferably, this request will have been made in advance. Public participation is at the discretion of the board

  • Speakers shall be restricted to a maximum of 3 minutes each per subject, with a time limit of 15 minutes per interest group

  • No more than 2 speakers will be permitted on any one agenda item

  • Speakers are not to question the board and must speak to the agenda item

  • Board members will not address questions or statements to speakers

  • Speakers shall not be disrespectful or offensive or make malicious statements or claims

  • If the person presiding over the meeting believes that any of these conditions have been breached or the speaker has gone over time, they may be asked to finish

Board meetings for 2021

Starting at 6:30pm in the Staff Room:

Meeting 1 Wednesday 23 February

Meeting 2 Wednesday 23 March

Meeting 3 Wednesday 25 May

Meeting 4 Wednesday 22 June

Meeting 5 Wednesday 17 August

Meeting 6 Wednesday 7 September

Meeting 7 Wednesday 2 October

Meeting 8 Wednedeay 30 November

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