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‘An inclusive community of creative, courageous, connected explorers’.



Muritai School works with the community to equip children with a love of learning and prepares students for achievement and success in their future.

Muritai School enables children to achieve across a broad spectrum of academic, sporting, artistic and social opportunities by providing a varied range of high quality learning opportunities, in partnership with the home, the school and the community.

We aim to make a difference in children's lives through working together to provide:

  • a safe, supportive, friendly environment based on respect. Fun, enjoyment and happiness are part of our schoolÕs special character

  • high expectations and innovative, appropriate and challenging learning opportunities

  • recognition for all forms of participation, effort and success


What does success look like?

  • Our children will demonstrate high levels of achievement in the key curriculum subjects of reading, writing and mathematics.

  • Our definition of success though is a broad notion, not solely academic.

  • Children will also succeed through Inquiry and the Integrated Curriculum, in the Arts and with their physical skills.

  • Our children demonstrate a love of learning and want to come to school.

  • Our children show self-belief, with every child prepared to take a risk and make a positive contribution.

  • Our children are determined Ð they are able to learn from failure and move on.

  • School, parents, caregivers and the Eastbourne community can be seen working in partnership to educate children at the school.

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