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School History

1897  Muritai School opens for the first time on 17 March 1897

1903  School takes up residence at current site with Herbert Sansom as headmaster with 32 children.

1904  50 children on roll – Miss Hannah Feist takes up role of assistant teacher.

1905  Slates replaced with pencils and paper

1909  Roll reachers 100 but still only one room, permission granted to use McGuire’s Hall next to school. Homework introduced to improve attainment in arithmetic

1910  Additional classroom built

1914  Extra assistant teacher added to staff

1918  Roll reachers 200 and fourth teacher employed and fourth classroom added.

1919  School community raises 200 pounds to purchase land on Muritai Rd and Rimu St

1920  Roll 229, five teachers / 1 part-time teacher, 4 classrooms, one building

1921  Infant school construction and Mr Sanson retires. New headmaster Eustace King invites Minister of Education Hon C.J.Parr to open           new infant school on current senior school site. Roll reaches 280.

1927  Roll reaches 382. Facilities around Eastbourne such as halls and churches taking overflow of children. Major issues with drainage             and flooding.

1932  Eustace King retires and is replaced by Colonel A. B Charters. Elsie Cooke retires after 16 years as Infant Mistress.

1936  San Antonio opens with 35 students. Colonel Charters by Department of Education to Lyall Bay School. Mr D.G.Wilson replaces him.           Houses introduced – Charters, King, Sanson and Cooke. House captains selected.

1937  Roll around 400, school using Fire brigade hall and a converted cottage as classrooms. Fundraising puts radios in each classroom.

1938  Current room 4,5,6 built. Some surrounding properties purchases and demolished.

1940  Dental clinic built. Several staff away for military training.

1942  Mr Wilson left for military duties and returned in 1943.

1944  School fundraising purchases a movie projector.

1945  Mr Wilson resigns and is replaced by Mr Christensen.

1947  Road patrols started but end of year the school closed due to Polio epidemic. Mr Christensen leaves with no children in attendance.

1948  Mr Tom Martin appointed as headmaster. Still problems with accommodation. 80% of parents attend the first school open day.

1949  Parent meeting of 300 parents forms the Home and School committee.

1955  School hall opened

1957  Two storey building constructed. Original buildings demolished

1959  Mr Martin farewelled after 22 years service at Muritai School. Library established in current room 10.

1966  School Committee resolves to discontinue academic awards and Dux prize. School leaders abandoned and school council  introduced with reps from each class – gradually faded out. Mr Stuart Hatch appointed as headmaster. School roll 489.

1968  Wahine storm saw school hall used as reception centre for survivors and cafeteria for police and searchers. It was a civil defence    centre for the next fortnight.

1969  School Association completes adventure playground. School choir wins Wellington competition.

1970  Infant school declared a earthquake risk. Whole school goes to Wellington to see US president Lyndon Johnson.

1972  School turns 75 and holds Jubilee celebrartions. Children attending classes at rugby club, fore brigade hall and sports centre while            Education Department debated replacing junior school.

1973  Two junior classes built on main school

1974  Infant school block demolished – debate over land went for next 20 years.

1976  Two houses removed from north of school to allow bigger field space. Year 7-8 children attend first school camp at Otaki Forks

1978  Eastbourne parents vote against the sending Muritai year 7-8 students to the proposed new Intermediate school in Petone, which    was never built

1979  Mr Hatch resigns and is replaced by Mr Alan Scott

1985  Mr Alan Scott replaced by Mr Terry Barrett.

1987  Mr Barret replaced by Mrs Vilma Riley. Tomorrow’s Schools introduced. Board of Trustees elected.

1993  Mrs Riley retires and Mr Peter Pointon appointed.

1994  Hall extensions and renovations to administration buildings completed

1996  Art room built. School donation introduced to fund additional teachers. Year 8 students start the Abel Tasman experience.

1997  After 20 years the senior school ‘The centennial wing’ completed.

2001  Mr Pointon resigns and Andrew Bird appointed

2003  First Eastbourne Village Carnival as main school fundraiser. Raises $25,000 for ICT classroom

2004  Muritai School wins New Zealand Literacy prize.

2005  New playground on main school built with funds from 2004 Carnival that raised $40,000. School becomes ICT lead school.

           Roll closed at 440.

2006  Administration block renovated

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