This information is to support our families with any COVID- 19 queries, and what you need to do. Please note that we will update this information regularly, based on any updated guidelines from the Ministries of Education & Health.


Who do we advise if my child tests positive for Covid-19?

Please let the school know ASAP - you can email Bec at or call us on 04 562 8409

Doesn't the Ministry of Heath or Ministry of Education let schools know about cases? 

No, this was the major change for us at RED - Phase 3, with no contact tracing now required in the community or at schools, schools rely on parents advising us of cases.  

What actions does the school take when there is a positive case?

We follow a response plan based on guidance from the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Health.  

This involves:

  • Seeking confirmation from you of the symptoms of the positive case, and when the infectious period was

  • We hold this information confidentially 

My child is a Household Contact. What does this mean?

The isolation timeframe is now shorter, with a 7 day isolation period now required.  Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to be away from school for the following seven days.


Day 0 is the day symptoms began or the day the test was taken (whichever came first). Cases isolate for a full seven days and are free to return to school on Day 8, if they are symptom free. Household contacts are required to isolate for the same seven days as the positive case. Household contacts take a rapid antigen test (RAT) on Day 3 and Day 7 of the isolation period. 


Household contacts can return to school on the same day as the first case in their household, so long as all test results have been negative, and they have no symptoms. If either of your child's tests come back positive, please let us know. 

If your child is at school when they become a Household Contact, they will need to go home as quickly as possible. Please phone ahead to the office to arrange this (04 562 8409).

My child is a Close Contact. What does this mean?

This means your child has had contact with a positive case. Close contacts no longer have to isolate, unless the positive case is a member of their household. 

Does my child have to have the PCR (nasal swab) test?

We fully appreciate that this is not an overly pleasant experience for the kids, but it is important to ensure you know if your child has COVID-19. 

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS) are now able to be used for testing. These can be sourced from testing stations and pharmacies. They can be collected before the required testing days and are able to be done at home on the appropriate days.

My child is feeling unwell (e.g. cough, headache, sore throat etc) Can I still send them to school?

Because these are all symptoms of Covid, please do not send your child to school. While these may be the normal bugs/sniffles that occur, we encourage you to get your child tested.

Is it safe to send my child to school?

We encourage you to send them to school as much as you can. We really want to see everyone at school as much as possible. Our school health and safety plan for Red contains a wide range of protections.

What are you doing to keep my child safe?

  • All staff, volunteers, and contractors on site are vaccinated

  • We have state of the art air purification machines arriving, and CO2 monitors in each classroom.

  • Staff and students in Year 4 and above are wearing masks

My child is anxious or scared. What advice do you have?

Our onsite team are working hard to make school fun, safe and a place of learning. We encourage you to focus on the things that they can do to help; mask-wearing, washing hands, getting a test (if required). This website has some useful tips - 

My child needs to isolate at home. What support will school provide around teaching and learning?

Our support and response at RED will also depend on whether class teachers are also isolating at home.  If our teachers are also isolating, they will be in touch to offer our hybrid learning support (virtual connections, learning grids etc). If our teachers are still at school, they will look to connect with you, and as usual you can access the syndicate team learning home learning/hybrid learning grids. 

If you have any specific queries, please feel free to email Bec –