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Key Competencies

We believe the key competencies in the New Zealand curriculum focus on learning and social behaviours that encourage children to have a real focus on how they can reach their potential and skills they will enable them to be successful in their future -

  • Managing self

  • Thinking

  • Using language, symbols and texts

  • Relating to others

  • Participating and contributing

The school has used Art Costa's 16 Habits of Mind, our CARE programme, our 4CÕs and a variety of thinking processes to support the key competencies.

Individual Values

Through consultation the school community has identified 8 values that fit alongside the values identified in the new NZ curriculum, to develop and enable all students to work together and effectively in a co-operative way -

  • Self-confidence

  • Ecological sustainability

  • Commitment

  • Cooperation

  • Integrity

  • Kindness

  • Thinking positively

  • Respecting rules

The above values are about individual student growth, and are derived from, and complement the direction shown in the overall school values in the Strategic section.